Are You Going to Homestead and if so, which race

Are you going to Homestead this weekend and if so, are you going for the Cup race, the Nationwide race, the truck race or all three? Just wondering how many people do go to Homestead and which races they prefer.


I only go to the truck race now. I used to have tickets for the trucks and Busch races, from the day they opened the track. When Cup came in, I had tickets for all three. Then after a few years, I got rid of all my tickets, and only go to the truck race, buying the ticket at the track, because truck is the only race I can stay awake for. Also, it is the only one I can see, because as soon as they throw the green for the Cup race, everyone stands up. I can see more at home, and I don’t have a drunk Jr. fan with no shirt on blocking my view. The best races they had was the All-Pro and Daytona Dash, but they got rid of them because it showed up the Cup race. That track is a joke. Go to the truck race Friday, and then go to New Smyrna for the Marion Edwards on Saturday. You’ll be happy you did.

Well, I won’t be going to any. I have the final points night Friday at Orlando and can’t miss that one for the guys. And I will be at the Marion Edwards on Saturday also. I was just curious how many people do go to Homestead now. When they use to have just the then Busch final race, I always wanted to go and almost did one year for my birthday but something came up and I didn’t go. But they charge alot of money for those tickets and right now I can’t afford it anyway. But thanks for letting me know.