Full Throttel Friday

Once agian this week we will have an action packed show live on www.realracinusa.com from 7:30-9:00pm, Live from the tower at CCMP.

This weeks guest will be Tyler Lang 5th in points in the FASCAR pro truck and Whitney Pool and possibel Ross Chastain from the Fast Trucks, to talk to them about their participation in last years Charity Trucker 200 and to see if they will once agian be in the show, and help raise money for this great cause. We our Planing on haveing Rick the man behind the 3rd annual Charity Truck race on our show Next Friday night 11/22/2008.

Also on this week will be Vernon Hart JR, to talk about the upcoimng 50 lap open wheel madified Race he will be in at CCMP and he also will talk about maybe going to SGMSP for the Big Modified Race there the next weekend.

WE are also working on getting Johnny Collins the points winner of the UDLMCS, to discuss his great season and to see what his thoughts are on next year and see if he is ready forthe second annual battel of the blacktop.

And if that is not enough we will have Bobby from CCMP anlong with Gary Laplant to disscuss what 2009 holds for the drivers and fans at CCMP.

If you would like ot call in or send a question to one of our guest you can do so at rhowell@sunshinestateracing.com or call Scott at 941-626-0372 or myself at 863-990-3564.

All shows are heard on www.realracinusa.com and will be archived for later listening as well.

Thanks for the support

Tune in the 2009 Schedule is coming together.

Can not wait to inform you to the future!!!