The "MASH UNIT".....

Linda Jericka and I have started a MASH unit at CCMP and I thought each track might be interested in following suit. If each track delegates a team it wont be such hard work and i can guarantee it will be fun!.
MASH stands for “MAKING A SOLDIER HAPPY” !!!..
We will periodically find ways to earn money and the money will be spent to send things to a family member or loved one, from our track, who is in the military away from home. we will have a data base and it will include name, address, and birthday of the soldier. Every soldier will receive birthday cards, cookies, or something fun… they will receive Christmas cards and a gift… if they are lonely we will send letters, jokes, photos etc. any way we can make their stay a little happier… it wont cost alot as most tracks dont have that many family members abroad…
i suggest a team of about 4… one that has computer knowledge, one who can take care of mailings, one who will compile the list and keep it up to date. things like that.
Please think about doing this at your track and keep us up to date with new ideas…
we can make cards on the puter, we can bake, we can get creative!!!
Thank you, in advance, for becoming a unit of the First MASH Unit organized at CCMP !!!..
carolwicks aka OZZIE :engel016:

PLEASE… keep this in your tracks racing family so it doesnt become so big it becomes a chore. it can be fun… it can be a family member or your closest friend… there are plenty of other organizations to help with soldiers :wink:
thanks… this will be on going until every single soldier is HOME !!!