Wayne Anderson wins Third Governors Cup

1.Wayne Anderson
2.Tim Russell
3.Billy Mowery (started 15th)

Surprise, surprise, SURPRIZE,

Wtg Billy !!!

wow! Glad to see ya got a top three… Great job!
i bet it was cold over there. was REALLY chilly here.
well there goes another Gov Cup…cant wait to see the finishes.
carol aka OZZIE

Yea Carol - U Missed a Good One

Great race.

Travis Cope started inside 5th row (9th), came up to third, pitted with leaders on a caution, great pit stop and came out first… 2 laps after restart Travis got a cheap shot by Anderson (Andersons story was that Travis came up on him - NOT)…

Travis had to start end of lead lap with no clutch. (in 10th position). He came back to finish 5th. All Travis’s passes were on the outside except two.

Without a doubt, Travis gained more positions than any other driver out there.

Great race Travis… You should be super proud of your finish and your clean racing.

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Margin of Victory

Tim was chasin chasin chasin but not catchin…

Full Governors Cup finishing orders plus Sportsman Shootout finishing order…CLICK HERE

Travis did do a good job last night… I’m not sure what happened to him, since it was on the backstretch, it’s hard to tell who goes where and who gets into who…

As for passing the most cars… I would love to see the scoring sheets on that… I know Chad Pierce started 10th, moved up to I think 6th or 7th, then pitted early and started moving back up again… he was back to 7th (i believe) when the caution came out and everyone pitted, and he then led briefly before feeling a tire going down under caution and pitting a second time… he finished 4th… all in all, it was a GREAT field of cars… not as much the quantity… but the quality!

Except for the lap before where Travis came up on Wayne and Wayne brushed the wall you mean, right?

If Travis would learn to calm down he would win a hell of a lot more races. Some of those passes he was making were crazy, including the one where he almost put himself in the wall down in turn four. Without a doubt he was the fastest thing out there for a while, but he’s got to learn that he doesn’t have to pass three cars in one turn.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching him last night, he just needs to get reigned in a tad and he’ll have his name on that trophy soon enough.

Dittos On Travis

Travis, I think, was on the hard charger list for sure. I remember him being on the inside of Wayne going into three when contact was made. Wayne had been trying to get around Travis for two laps. From my angle could not tell who went up or down for the contact, but Wayne gave the incident a mention in the winners circle like it was his,Waynes, fault. Good race though.
The Sportsman race was good too with 25 cars starting.

The cook-out by Frasson was a great start. Seen faces of a lot of us from this board. Sorry I forgot to recognize the ‘Champion’ Boneman, but I’ll do better next time. Lot of food and my wife’s 'tator salad was a big hit too.
We will be at the Truckers 200 next month, hope to see you guys there too. Maybe the track wil let me take someone for a ride in the NAPA car during ceremonies this year. :huepfen024: See Ya.

Hey I am famous. For those of you who didn’t get to meet me at the cookout (cuz i didnt show) you can see me in the photo posted above. I am the first one standing in the top row to the left of the tower. Now that you know me be sure to say Hi next time. I beleive I was three or four people down from OSF - I only say that cuz Santa’s younger more refined cousin with a hat that said simply “OSF” on it came up and parked it nearby. Jack did you have on a MCCarl shirt last night? If so, you are right, your glasses did in fact gave you away coming through the gate on the frontstretch.

As for the racin - not that interesting… Cope was the show of the night. Sorry but, I gotta pin the backstretch thing on Anderson. Not only because I don’t like him and relish the chance to pin anything on him, but because he bodyslammed him down the backstretch. When Copes car made a beeline to the inside wall, I had visions of the Butch Miller wreck during speedweeks years back where they brought the car back in two halves. Cope was wild, fast and entertaining all night, but never wrecked anybody.

It was interesting to hear the Russell had brake issues. I was wondering why he was divebombing the corners the way he was. He certainly suffered on the exit for it.

Well, another $25 in NSS pockets, another lackluster race in the books. Congrats to my nemesis Wayne, he was fast and he won. Not unexpectedly, the Snowball looks to be shaping up like the highlight of my year.

Travis drives too wreckless. Hands down Chad Pierce would have deserved the hard charger award. He came from the rear twice and finished 4th. A few more laps Chad might have gotten into third. Way to go Chad!!!

Backdoor, I have to agree with you about Chad, he did an excellent job last night.

I had a good vantage point for the incident between Travis and Wayne from the turn 3 stands looking straight at them as they approached.

and first a disclaimer: I am a fan of Travis and Mike Cope.

From my perspective as Wayne made a move on the outside out of two, halfway down the back, he moved down “slightly” at the same time Travis moved up a hair. The resulting slap sent Travis into the grass heading for the inside wall. Travis made a remarkable save to come back with a good finish. My impression was neither intended to give the other a whack.

While Anderson was pretty dominant, I thought Travis was the show!


Travis almost hit the wall that time because he was driving a car with a screwed up right front from the Anderson deal…but he DIDN’T hit the wall, he gathered that junk back up and drove it like he stole it.
Start of race, he was in 9th, pitted as third, came out of pits 1st. then the Travis/Anderson deal, went back to end of lead lap - 10th and came back up to 5th… nothing to shabby about that racing. (Someone has the score sheets to back that up)
Like it was mentioned on earlier post… I had a good view from top row secion A… I saw Anderson scrub the wall the lap prior to the “Incident” and no one went high to cause it…Except Anderson. Anderson was running super hard and got up against the wall on his own… and I am sure he will tell you that.

All in all, great race, glad I was there to see it…


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Just to show I’m a good sport since we’ve been poking fun at him and offering to trade him for Fain Skinner, a bunch of us actually wanted Yoho’s autograph but he was nowhere to be found and we were told he wasn’t coming out either. For the most part just about all of the drivers were accommodating but a few of them could use a serious attitude adjustment. Those few unpleasant drivers should be more like Jeff Choquette, who had clearly been thrashing on the car and rolled out at the last minute (I let him borrow my sharpie to autograph for the fans gathered) and couldn’t have been nicer to his fans.

Anyway, here is the driverless car…

Here are a few more.

Yoho should re-letter his door to read “No-Show Time”!

Jacktripper- Looks like you got some nice shots during the autograph session; any chance you snapped some of Chad Pierce’s 57? I got some great shots from Jim Jones, but none that showed a good angle of the hood. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Sorry, but I couldn’t get a clean shot of the #57. Some of the cars had too many people hanging around for me to get an uncluttered shot.

Here are the others I took.

And yes - I had on my Terry McCarl shirt to identify myself to that goofball that’s such a big Jac Haudenschild fan.

Hey pitcrew… these are from Practice Friday night if that helps…



hey TRIPPER !!!

thank you so much for posting the pics!!!
I wasnt able to come to the Gov Cup but i have to agree that Travis Cope is an awesome racer! he is friendly, polite, and always looks professional. Glad he did so well. Chad too… so happy to see BJ back on the track. i really missed seeing Fain and Shane. i could go on forever but the pics helped take some of the edge off… ROFLLLL Jeff Choquette is ALWAYS professional… always there for his fans…
have to get to work now… i sure hope its warmer on February 13th. but i think it will be a 2 blanket night! lol
carolwicks aka OZZIE