I heard from Yoho's PR person today....

" Due to the ESPN tv interview and the meet and greet at the villages hospitality tent going long, Mr. Yoho was unable to make the autograph session " said the PR rep. Robert was very pleased to hear that the $1.00 bet between Jack Tripper and Palmbayer was won by Palmbayer. “Thrashin on the car for over 85 laps and not end up last was well worth it” “Paul…I mean palmbayer… is a good guy and did’nt want to trade me”. Hell, I turned more laps than Fain Skinner did this weekend …so there!!! said Yoho.

So that’s why he was cooling his tires on pit road for about 50 laps?

…For real…no clue why they made him wait.

…in my brain…was not done with his 7/11 slurpee yet.

Palmbayer, If your rite, then good for him!!! We all know your not suppose to drink and drive!!! :aetsch013:

was not done with his 7/11 slurpee yet.

mmmm, Slurpee.

who is this Yoho guy? i might have to start cheering for a driver with such great taste.