Inside Florida Racing News !!!!

There will be no show tonight due to illnesses. BUT !!! Make sure you tune in next week.The November Pandora Jewelers driver of the month will be announced. (December 12th.)

The winner of the TRUCKER 200 at ORLANDO SPEEDWORLD will be a guest.

The Champion of the CHECKERED FLAG SPRINT SERIES will be a guest.

PLUS !!! (and this is true) a major blockbuster announcement of interest regarding a race track will be announced!!!

The show will also not be on from December 15th. until January 5th, 2009 !..

Thank you all for your continued support of IFR… don’t forget to contact one of us if you have something or someone special you would like to listen to on a Monday night from 7-9 !

Carol Wicks aka OZZIE

Its gonna be tough to give the driver of the month to anyone else but Marion Edwards winner, and Governor’s Cup winner Wayne Anderson.