Speedfest 2009

It looks like Speedfest 2009 will be at Lanier Speedway next year. It was on Speed51. It has been reduced to a one day show.

I tried to load the flier but it is to big. You can go on Speed51 under the snowball reports or I am sure it will be on Laniers website soon.

I’ve been coming down to Lakeland for the past 4 years for Speedfest, it’s been a good excuse to experience warmer weather. It’s quite a gamble to hold such a big race in January in North Georgia. We always get 1 to 2 days per week in January where the temps get into the 60’s, here’s hoping the warm days will fall on the race dates. Regardless of temps, I’ll be there, should be a heckuva show.
I’m assuming Lanier had a bad year in 08, car and fan counts were as low as I’ve ever seen them. To their credit, they’ve been very aggressive this year with their acquisition of the GAS series, the hiring of New Smyrna’s former GM, and now Speedfest. The track owner truly loves short track racing and it appears he is throwing alot of his resources at the sport. You’ll never be successful if you don’t try different things and Lanier is definitely making an effort.

Is this any better: