the snwflake came down to the last few laps with brandon carlson taking it away from ryan crane after a series of late cautions. overall a great race.

five flags is horrible at caution flag cleanups. definitely need the buggy crew from nss.

the single dumbest move I have seen in a long time happened in the beginning part of the race. two cars were about to be lapped and the second one waits till the leaders (young and hamner) are on the outside going into three and dumps the guy infront. sends the leaders and the other guy head on into the wall. real bad crash and just plain stupid. there was a mystery guy in the pits with a busted face and wrist later, I am hoping it is this guy.

the number 9 who took third earned his money making up what seemed like 10 laps up on restarts. I think he is part of bill elliots program.