Happy Birthday Flvideo!

Happy Birthday Bob from Maxx Motorsports

Oh NO!

The B word! I am trying to forget that day! Too much water ran under the bridge I guess. Well it ain’t washed out my pilings yet. Thanks guys. Bob…

Hey Bob, Happy Birthday. 85 and still going strong. It’s men like you that give me inspiration. :slight_smile:
Have a great one and many more.

Thanks Bob. Its already been a good day. Bob…

Have a wonderful birthday!!!

Thanks Cara, I already did. I have worked all day but it was blessed. I planed to take the day off but I got behind this week. I had an infected tooth the first of the week. I finaly got a root canel yesterday. So I gotta lot to do tomorrow. Working at a track that takes 2 weeks off for Christmas is a challenge. You have a wonderful evening too dear. Bob…