Address For Checks To Avery Hutson....

We all need to pull together !!!
this isnt about racing or tracks… it is about a mother who desperately needs help. Avery is one of a set of twins. Her little brothers name is Dominic. they are about 2 months old. Avery was beaten severly and requires alot of special care. Laura, Avery’s mom, has been fired from her job because she said her children needed her and she needed time off…
she has only been in florida a few years. came from California and has no close attachments here. Because of Derrick, she will have ALOT of new friends and we all hope to make her life a little easier. taking care of twins in a normal home is a task. if im not mistaken, i think derrick said donations can be made at any Bank of America.
if any of you can help please make out a check to:
LAURA HUTSON and send it to
Derrick Horton
c/o Laura Hutson
1070 Myakka Drive
North Fort Myers, Fl. 33917

an account has been set up for Laura and all cash will be depositted in the account by Derrick. Thank you all for caring !!!

Derrick got a call last night from Avery’s mom. The baby is doing alot better and hopefully …maybe… she will be at CCMP for the benefit next week!!! i have also talked to B~U~Z~Z~I~E…R~E~U~T~I~M~A~N and if he doesnt have to make a trip out of state he said he will be happy to make an appearance at CCMP in support of Avery!!! you just have to meet this man… he is amazing!
carolwicks aka ozzie


if you wanna deposit directly into the account you can go into any Bank of America and make a deposit into Avery L Hutson’s account