Sad news

Summer Smith, 36, was shot and killed in what was apparently a very strange robbery in Putnam County. Her brother is Stevie Smith, the sprint car driver, and they are the son of Steve Smith, an original member of the Pennsylvania posse. Summer was Ms. Motorsports in 1994.

Sat WHAT! Are you sure? The Smiths are some of the nisest people in racing.

wish it wasnt true. summer had a 2-year-old son.

What a waste for a purse. I am so sorry and my prayers and thoughts are with the family. I guess you just never know anymore and don’t stop for anyone even if you think you know them. I hope they find the man who shot her and he gets what he deserves. I know money is tight for everyone but not worth dying over for sure.

May God give some kind of understanding to her family and help them heal in time. I know I would be so angry right now that I would be crazy. So senseless and uncalled for over a purse. I will pray very hard for them because they will need it.

Unbelievable… what a beautiful girl, and from a fantastic family of life-long racers. Truly a tragedy for the racing community. Best Wishes to the entire Smith family.

Thoughts and prayers to the Smith Family and for the young child that has lost their mother. Truly sad news…

and as if that wasnt enough for this lousy year, carol, the wife of coral springs sports car racer sylvain tremblay, was killed last thur when an SUV hit her head-on. sylvain is the guy who fields all the mazda RX8s in the grand am series, won the 24 hours last year… in fact when he got the call he was at the PRI show putting his car on display for mazda there.;c=833/403/1;s=263;d=17;w=720;h=300

Summer’s fiance and another man were arrested last night and charged with premeditated murder. His story never did sound right.

I hope they screw those scumbags to a wall.