H~a~p~p~y...b~i~r~t~h~d~a~y...l~i~n~d~a...!! !!!!

(Linda Jericka) Today is your birthday and I hope it is a happy one. Having you for a friend has been a blessing and anyone who “REALLY” knows you would be proud to be part of your life. You are honest, hard working, and have a heart of gold.
When I was sick, you and Krista came to my house and helped me clean things up. When I was lonely you cheered me up, If I ever need anyone to cover my back, you can be sure it will be you. I trust you more than anyone…
God bless you Linda and thank you for all you did for our race track. No one can hold a candle to you when it comes to hard work, organization, loyalty, and dedication. I am so proud to call you F~R~I~E~N~D !!!
Have a happy day.
I love you…
CAROLWICKS AKA OZZIE and Bobby and Hailey !!!