To whom it may concern

Due to the large number of recent inquiries and to put an end to the rumor mill, Desoto Super Speedway has always and will always be available for purchase (at the right price). Everything John has ever owned all of his life has always been for sale, for the right price. Please do not call the racetrack and direct any and all inquires to Tom Blakeley at or 941-809-5511. Please be advised that in advance of any information being exchanged that a verification of funds will be completed, a signed confidentiality agreement, and personal information will need to be in place. This is intended to direct future phone calls and inquires to the correct person as well as ending all the calls coming into the office at the track, and finally to put the rumor mill to rest. If you have any questions feel free to contact me the above email address or phone number.
Tom Blakeley