I have so many hopes for the new year. I hope that people in this world learn how to get along and stop all the foolish wars, that all of you and your loved ones have good health or good health care, that we never lose touch with each other during the tough economy, that NO tracks close, that you all stay safe from harm…i hope the lonely people find someone or something to fill the emptiness…
one thing i really wish for is that people who have children and decide to end their marriages, put the childrens best interest before their own. even if you HATE your spouse, your kids most likely love them and need them in their lives so bite the bullet and put your hate aside for your kids. :wink:
thats it… Have a wonderful, fun filled, healthy, and safe 2009 !!!
Much love
carolwicks aka OZZIE

Well said Carol. I hope to get to CCMP for the january 11 th race .I usually can’t get there cause I work weekends so I go to the 2 tracks close to me. Happy New Year! … Gary.