Old Photo Wanted - Eau Gallie racer

I’ve posted this request here previously but will give it yet another shot here in '09. I have been in serach of a photo of a 1934 Ford coupe that was built and driven by Vero Beach’s Jim McGuirk in the late 50s. The car was a black No. 2 and the sponsor on the side read United Parts Cocoa - Melbourne. This was the paint scheme on the car when first built and a photo of it has eluded me for almost 50 years. Dick Joslin, Dumont Smith and finally Henry Pullen drove the car with various numbers and colors up into the mid 60s, but I’m still seacrhing for a photo of it with UNITED PARTS on the doors. There must be someone who’s family went to the old Eau Gallie/Melbourne Speedway in the 50s that has a photo of this car. Any leads appreciated and thanks in advance.

Marty Little