Get ready for a Weekend of racing at CCMP!!!

[B]This weekend we have a double header. Saturday Night line up is:
Saturday Night January 10,2009 Florida BREAST CANCER COALITION
Fast Trucks 50 Laps
Fast Kids 35 Laps
Road Warriors
Pro 4
Fab 4
Thunder Trucks
Fan Races

Practice from 9:00 AM till 1:00 PM
3:00 PM Hot Laps by divisions
Grand Stands Open at 4:00 PM
Parade Lap at 6:00 PM
6:15 PM Races start

And if that were not enough!!!

Sunday January 11,2009 Florida BREAST CANCER COALITION
The 5 K “Walk for Awareness”
The Open Wheel Modified “Race for a Cure 75”
The Late Model “Memorial 150”

6:30 AM Registration for 5K
7:30 5k
10:00 AM Practice by division
12:00 PM Qualifying
1:00 PM “Salute to the Survivors” Auto Graph Session
1:30 PM OWM 75
2:30 PM Late Models

Now this should be a weekend!!!
As always thanks for the support.
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024:[/B]

A rare Sunday afternoon matine’ stock car racing show, just like the old days. Gotta’ hit this one, will leave the house at 9:30Am with coffee in one hand, and be back home by 7:30PM with a cold beer in the other hand. And best of all, no support classes of trucks. Should be a great wintertime show, with temps. in the mid 70’s.

AB195, look me up when you are at CCMP. I’ll be shooting video in the stands rightin front of the anouncers tower. See you then Bob…

I’ll look for you too. also Carol W.

You should be seeing me there also… gotta support a Sunday show, as too few places have them, and more places SHOULD have them. Same applies to mid-week shows. They go over really big up North, and I’ve never understood why nobody tries it here (with the exception of the first few Powell Memorial races).

Do you think Sunday show would fly?

How many there feel that the Sunday Show would work? Maybe we should have more than just one? Thanks and looking for you input.
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024:

Bobby Diehl–

I have seen where starting times are different, and time trials start at 2:00.
What is the correct times of each?

Also, are they crate-late models, Goodyear-type late models, or Super late models that are running?

Ad states that it’s 125 lapper, but is it being pawned off as a 150 lapper?

And can I use Tripers $10:00 off coupon, he isn’t giong?:aetsch013:

Hope you find time to clarify these questions, thank you.

I say 3 tops for the year. If you have too many, people won’t worry about missing one cause they’ll just catch the next one. JMO