Line up for the Verizon's "Florida Beast Cancer Coalation Late Model Memorial"

[/B]Remember last months 100 CCMP Late Model race. WOW!!! Get readt for the annunal 150 brought to you by Verizon. Here’s your line up:

Mike Franklin (back in the Action Glass #12)
Joe Winchell (to get by his dancing partner the #48 quick and clean)
Johnny Kay (make 2009 the winningest race yet 5 wins in2008)
Gary Padllua (with the STEAM Machine)
Bobby Shelton (Gary’s wing man) 2008 Co-CCMP Late Model Champion
Dustin Dunn (Flying in on Sunday after the ASA Banqueit in Ohio)
Ross Chastain 2008 Co-CCMP Late Model Champion
Steve Dorer (Coming back to prove the point that he’s as fast as ever)
Joe Boyd (coverting his Super to the S.E. ASA Late Models rules)
Blake Koch (just back from out west testing for RCR “Richard Childress Racing”)
Brandon Johnson (first time out with tne best ride he ever had)
Randy Fox (looking to return where he left off , moving in for the win)
Johnny Ripley (after a year off coming back towin number three at CCMP)
Eddie King (tp prove your only as young as you feel)
Perry Lovelady (With a brand new car)
Wayne Morris (alway a front runner)
Anthony Campi (if they get it ready with the Desoto Banquet on Saturday Night)

It only Tuesday and ther will be many more to sign up.
Stay tune to the Ground Pouding Late Model updates!!!
Thanks for the year 3 for CCMP.
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024:

I think he means Breast cancer, not beast cancer!

Sorry for being me. But here’s more names that are coming.

Add to the list:
Drew Brannan (hasn’t raced at CCMP for two years, but won the last time he was here)
Scott Walters (will be in the #96 Cheata Team Chevy with their NEW Progressive motor)

We will keep the Mid-Night oil Burning!!!
Hope to see all of you there. Stay tuned for updates!!!
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024:

I’m not so sure.

I think I saw on the news that there has been an outbreak of cancer amongst beasts, particularly wildebeest in the greater Punta Gorda area.


That’s funny right there. I don’t care who you are.

Tripper’s Trippin!

you are too funny… come on down… join the beasts… or breasts… hmmmmm

We have a Beast Creator discount ticket!!!

WOW!!! $10.00 Off!!! You are good, fast and can spell. Need a hobbie???:huepfen024:

We are crossing our fingers that we make it back to our flight in time to make it. We are flying out of Detroit at 9:25 PM Saturday night and the banquet get over at 7:30 and it is 68 miles to the airport plus returning the rentle car. I have never seen snow let alone drive in it. I should probably let Dustin drive. But, if we can make it than I don’t see any reason that our old friends the Campi’s can’t make it from DeSoto. How about it Mario? Hope to see you there.

Happy New Year to ALL!!!
Andrew Dunn

Add one more to the mix for Tuesday line up at CCMP!!!

The man that drives the wheels off everything in any class. Jessie Duttily (not sure on the spelling), (but everyone know’s it 's me) is one of the BEST. Fred will be on hand from his death bed to give the GUIDING LIGHT to Jessie!!! Man this is what RACING is all about.
Thanks to all thank believed in the CCMP Dream!!!
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024:

Bring on the BEAST!!!

Wow with this line up it should be a great race, a lot of story lines with some of these drivers also. I can not wait for sunday and if that is not enough there is also a great 75 lap open wheel mod races as well. Hope to see all of you out at CCMP this weekend.


I’m going .I haven’t been there in months .What time does it start Sunday? OK I Found the answer in a earlier post. It will be good to see a big field of late models.

I be posting the Open Wheel Modifieds soon.

We are working on the list of OWM. We have quite a few. Should be a GREAT weekend.
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024:

Add one more to the list for LM!!!

The flying #100 Dean Ferrie will toss his hat into the ring!!!
Man it just keep getting better!!!
Thanks for the support.
Bobby Diehl :huepfen024:

Mr south were is are you going in MI I can check with the wife and see how long it takes to get to the airport

Scott Walters will not make the race.

Arnold from Team Cheata called last night and said that the NEW Motor from Pregressive was finished ,but the extust system wasn’t back from the powder coating company. They are very disappointed to miss this race. They will be ready for the Feb. race.
Keeping you up to date. Good and bad.
Thanks for believing in the Dream CCMP!!!
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024:

Add one more to replace Scott Walters.

Steve Gill of the Framed Gill Racing Family (Bobby, Ronnie, Jimmy, and I believe several others). The #5 will run at CCMP in 09 and he will be dialing in his hot rod Saturday Morning Practice. Then off to the Desoto Banquet. This season 2009 will be one of the best year seen in many.
Thanks to all that have helped make CCMP one of the Best in the South!!!
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024:

I am flying into DTW and than going to the banquet in Toledo. Have to fly out of Tampa. There are no flights out of W. Palm or Lauderdale that will get me back in time to make it to the race. Justin Larson is leting us leave our trailer at his shop. We will get back to Larson’s around 1:00 Sunday morning and head right to Punta Gorta.

Are you coming to the race? If you are, stop by our pits. We will be on the back around pit space #17.

That goes for any one of you reading this. My pits are always open and ALWAYS having a good time.

Sounds about like my flight schedule in October to make it back from Vegas in time for you guy’s ASA race at CCMP. Got in last minute on saturday just to make to the track in time :slight_smile:

Have fun at the banquet and see you guys on Sunday


Ill be the I will be flagging on the back strait becauce Joe is Getting married

Add James Glover Teamate to the list.

Raymond Fallwell called yesterday and said he is bring his best game to the race. So add the #3 to the list.
This will be one heck of of race>>>>
Thanks Bobby Diehl:huepfen024: