Tim McCreadie injured @ Chili Bowl

The 2006 Chili Bowl champion, Tim McCreadie crashed hard last night in Oklahoma. Tim was transported and remains hospitalized awaiting surgery for injuries to his vertabrae. Please keep him in your prayers. Tim is a great friend of many of us locally and has always reached out to help so many. Read more on Timmy’s websight @www.timmccreadie.com

Just got home and read this. My best wishes are with him. It’s ironic that his father suffered a broken back, I believe three times. I was really looking forward to seeing him at Eastbay and volusia.

And I was looking forward to seeing him at Golden Isles, in 12 days, running that high side.

Get well wishes to Tim!..Found this on Hoseheads

After riding out one of the most spectacular flips in Chili Bowl Nationals history, New York’s Tim McCreadie is recuperating from injuries at a Tulsa-area hospital. McCreadie suffered a fractured T-3 vertebra and has floating fragments after the incident that occurred while leading Wednesday night’s first qualifying race. Noted specialist Dr. Terry Trammel was scheduled to consult with the local specialist on Thursday afternoon. The 2007 Chili Bowl Nationals winner and World of Outlaws Late Model champion has already been fitted for a back and neck brace and will face substantial medical and recovery expenses in the coming months without the benefit of health insurance. Currently, Kevin Miller, Jason Smith and James Spink at USAC, with the appreciation and support of Chili Bowl promoters Emmett Hahn and Lanny Edwards, have offered to help manage the many offers from the racing community to assist with McCreadie’s expenses. Donations should be made payable to: USAC c/o Tim McCreadie Support Fund USAC 4910 West 16th Street Speedway, Indiana 46224 1/16


WOW! After watching that tell me the insurance company isn’t going to want changes for safety. That car was literally tumbling out of the building.

Our prayers are with him and his family. Bob…

Actually, Hoseheads has a still shot of the car in the fence. Looks like he went over a chain link fence but a couple steel cables caught him. Here’s a link to the picture. http://www.hoseheadswest.com/wed11McCreadie1.jpg Check out the albums on Hoseheads. They have some awesome pictures.