Good Weekend of Racing

Ended up sitting through more racing than anticipated this weeked.

24hrs was interesting. They had the smallest field I can remember - 49 cars. They had the most competition I can remember - both classes were real tight well into the evening and ultimately to the finish. I was rooting the the Pontiac Porsche killer, but they just didnt have enough in the GT class. The superteams had too many bullets. Boris Said and the Mustang were pretty fast too, till they broke.

Parking was free and easy - insert favorite womanizing joke here. Admission was $25, rode the elevator to the top of the tower, saw a ton of racing and they werent a pain in the butt about coolers, etc. Thumbs up!

The most annoying thing was the dude on the jet ski! Every 5 minutes or so, I would forget about him, then I would see what I thought was a huge smoke trail in turn three of the high banks - only to rediscover it was that guy’s rooster tail! Anybody know if he broke the record? I know he froze his butt off.

Finally I decided to go to VSP - they had a great show as well. I brought my son, he is 6 and his attention span for racing aint what I would like it to be. So right after the first feature we packed up the truck and drove over to the drive in - just enough of a change to keep him engaged.

David Showers, Jr had a wicked hit on the back stretch. Good to see him climb out.

The Childress grandkid(s) were there and looked to have the stuff to beat, but ran out of talent. Great field of mods - a few in town to get tuned up for Speeweeks.

Bonus of the night was picking up my reserved seats for Tues and Thurs nights of speedweeks - same price as the gate and I dont have to wait in line when I get there.

Its still hard to believe that they can run those cars as hard as they do ( nowdays pretty much flat-out ) for 24 hours and with the exception of the Fords , nothing breaks . The Fords only had problems with the ignition systems or they would have been right there too . In fact the one Ford that was still running was right there at the end .
And yes it was close competition . After 24 hours , the top three DP cars were still within 2 or 3 car lenghths of each other at the finish . Some pretty spectacular driving by all three . And the GT cars put on a heck of a show .