Attn Best of the Best Winners

Greg Roeback, Brent Tyler, Jacob Bellamy, Maxx Bennett, Michael Fettig and Joe Linebarier - we need your e-mail addresses or a contact phone number. Could you please e-mail me with your e-mail address or a phone number.

Thanks a bunch

The voting was rigged. I was able to go on and vote multiple times. The best of the best needs to be redone so you only get 1 vote. All I did was clean out my history and cache. It worked. Voted for same person 20 times.

How was it rigged?

I thought they said to get out and vote, that every vote counts… I feel if you had someone manually entering votes then they were doing it fairly. If they somehow got their computer to hammer away without them entering each one then I would call it unfair.

I do agree that it should be one vote per person but people did what the system allowed them to. You can’t balme them for that.

I will be very interested to see if there are any repeat winners from this year to next with their new system. That would be great if someone was to double up. They would truly be deserving.

Let’s just congratulate the winners from this year and get ready for some good racing in '09!!

Like all things in racin, there’s always those with ways to cheat, and USUALLY the tracks allow it to do on!!! Thats wht I bought a boat instead of a race car!

A funny thing…

Who cheated? Where was the rule that you could only vote once? A lot of people want to say that but no one wants to explain how it was cheating…

The same answer to that question is the same you get from tech on issues some consider unclear… What was the intent of the rule? Come on, can you honestly say anyone’s intent was to have people voting over and over??? Does that show the true opinions of who was the greatest? No, it proves who has the most time on their hands, with nothing better to do, than to sit here and vote over and over for the same one. If I sat here for a week and voted over and over for Mickey Mouse, would that mean he was the greatest of the great???

Mickey is the greatest…

Mickey is my hero!!

So every team that doesn’t follow the intent of the rule is cheating? If that were the fact then 1, they would likely seldom win, and 2, every Cup team out there are cheaters. I understand what you are saying but I think there are people that won fair and square but there is such a cloud that it makes it not as special for them.

I say let it be. They have already got a plan for next year so it won’t happen again. For the most part people’s fan’s had fun getting to vote for their favorites and KARNAC got a lot of hits on their website so everyone wins, right?!?

Thanks for listening to my two cents.