Excellent Ticket Pricing For Florida Figure 8 Championships

We applaud promoter Joel Cohen for the very sensible ticket pricing for the Florida Figure 8 Champions presented by the World Figure 8? Racing Tour.


Thursday Adults $15 Kids 6-11 $6 5 & Under FREE
Friday Adults $15 Kids 6-11 $6 5 & Under FREE
Saturday Adults $15 Kids 6-11 $10 5 & Under FREE

Sunday Adults $15 Kids 6-11 $6 5 & Under FREE

4 Day Adults Pass $50
4 Day Childrens Pass $25
Pit Pass $30 Daily
Pit License $10 (Good for all four Days)
No Car Entry Fees


Real Racin’ USA in association with Florida Videos will be producing exclusive high quality DVDs of the Florida Figure 8 Championship sanctioned by the World Figure 8? Racing Tour at Auburndale Speedway February 12-15.

The videos will be available within days of the event and will feature all the ground-pounding, heart stopping action fans have come to expect from the world’s most exciting spectator sport.

Videos will be available on www.speedrome.com and www.realracinusa.com as well as other Internet racing locations. These thrilling videos will be available for $20.00 plus $4.95 shipping and handling.


Figure Eight Mania. Top drivers from the world of professional Figure 8 racing are guests. Racers include “Rockin” Rodney Davis, Wayne Calkins, Casey “Big Cat” White, RJ Norton III, Cliff “Bones” Rousseau and the ‘world’s most hated driver’ John Lavalle. The buzz is all about the upcoming Florida Figure 8 Championship at Auburndale Speedway in February, all part of the World Figure 8 Tour out of the Speedrome in Indianapolis.
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