Martin County Speedway

I know this is a stock car forum but i just needed to get my point across because this was advertise on this site because of a certain person that showed up!

Chase and I finished 1st and 2nd in the heat race

In the feature Chase and I were flying from probably lap 2 we were gone lapped all but i think 7 karts maybe im not sure.

so the first 25 laps finised and we were 1st and 2nd.
During the break, started doing changes as they would in an endurance race for FKA or AKRA because the track said they were now going under FKA/AKRA rules as of this year.

so we knew we couldnt change the tires the motor or the kart driver which was also told to us by another person on the board for this track.

so we started to change the rear gear and a “Track Official” told us “we could not do this but he saw us start and not change the gear yet so we would be ok.”
then a few people on the bleachers started to shout to DQ us both for i guess attempting to change a rear gear.
so another track official came up to us and asked if we changed it we said no and the original “Track Official” said no we didnt to him.

a few mins later chase and i were called to the flag stand and told because we “attempted” we were to start on the rear of the lead lap karts.

so we said ok and took it cause we messed up and attempted changed even though FKA/AKRA races you would be allowed to.

so we get geared up ready to run the 2nd half and the official come up to us again and tells us that he is going to have to DQ us now for attempting to change the gear even though he said he knows we did not because he has to go by the rules.

everyone on the track we were racing with started getting upset and couldnt believe we were getting DQed and these so called “track officials” werent so official they changed there minds 3 times within 10 mins on what to do with us.

apparently they figured we still had a chance to win from 7 rows back so they needed to kick us off!

what a race though ive never been to a track where people who have actually never met me in my whole life could hate someone so much to the point where they will go the distance to get them DQed out of the race.
Also never seen a track the seems to me did a vote with the spectators on what happens with the race or not!

im still not sure if ATTEMPTING to do something is a valid reason to DQ someone…

“We Know You Didn’t Change It, But I Have To Go By The Rules” -Track Official

Can I Get A Rule On Attempting Please!!

Heres a link to the rules for this race


HOBE SOUND, FL (January 31, 2009)- The South Florida Shootout will be held at Martin County Kartway in Hobe Sound, Florida. This event will be highlighted with a guaranteed purse of $1,000 and a guaranteed winner?s prize of $500. The event is held for SR. CHAMP racers ONLY running 5hp flatheads at a minimum weight of 410 lbs. $10 gate fee and $40 entry fee.

This event is unsanctioned but will be using FKA/AKRA Engine Tech Rules. The current format allows for qualifying 15 lap heat races with the top tier finishers (number of transfers depends on total entries) earning a spot in the feature event. Those who qualified from the heat races will run (2) 10 lap dashes for the inside /outside row line up. The remaining spots in each class (if needed) will earn a trip to the feature through 15 lap consolation races. The South Florida Shootout will race 25 laps, take a 10 minute pit stop, and complete the remaining 50 lap race.

You cannot change tires between the two segments. You must finish the race with the tires and wheels that you started the first segment. During the pit stop you can change anything on the kart with the exception of the driver, engine, kart chassis, tires, and wheels.

Saturday January 31st - Tentatively, gates will open at 10am with practice beginning at 11am.

Weights must be bolted to the chassis or seat. The nerf bars are considered part of the chassis. For weights on the seat, you must use fender washers (large washers) under the bolt head. All weight bolts must be double nutted or safety wired. Do not attach weights to bodywork. Header bolts must be safety wired. If the race officials feel your weights are not safely attached, you will have to change them.

For additional information about the event or technical questions please contact Mark Bryer at (772) 828-1360.

For companies or individuals interested in sponsorship opportunities for this event please contact Mark Bryer at (772) 828-1360 or