Important Information From Charlotte County Tops Inside Florida Racing Monday

This coming Monday Inside Florida Racing will feature Lee Arnold from the V-8 Stock Car Series. The series has grown leaps and bounds in car count over the same time period circle track asphalt car counts at local tracks has seen a decline.

PAUL GRENEWICZ will be racing in the Florida Figure 8 Championships at Auburndale Speedway Feb 12-15, and will talk with CeCe and “Bonehead” on Monday night.

The president of the Florida Karting Association (FKA), Jimmy Sims, has been at helm as president since 1989 (twenty years!) visits IFR.

It is no secret among drivers and fans that Charlotte County has been having some serious problems of late. We will answer a lot of the questions that have been asked in our mail bag on Monday night, and provide worried fans and racers with some solutions.

Interviews with drivers and a preview of the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car racing including live updates straight from the track with the New Smyrna Announcer.

We are expecting to be talking live with Tony Parker from Bronson Motor Speedway.

Each week Inside Florida Racing has breaking news and inside FACTUAL information (not rumors) heard or printed no where else.