Winter Nationals at Orlando SpeedWorld

This year’s Winter Nationals at SpeedWorld has been outstanding. We have had plenty of racing action - some good and some not so good but plenty of it. Today is our last day and we crown our 2009 Winter National Champions. Although some do not like our Legends, Bandoleros, Thunder Cars, and Pro Challenge, there are many that do and my e-mails can prove that.

So to our crew who have worked so hard and all the drivers and their crews,
thank you for a wonderful 2009 Winter Nationals and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TODAY. And to Jason at Legendsnation, I hope you feel better soon. Jason has been sick as a dog but would not stay in the motel and get better even though he was and is running a fever. He came anyway to make sure that the legends, bandoleros, and thunder cars were covered for their fans.
Sorry but Jason did look like hell and he felt that way also, but he still came. That is one dedicated news man.