Alltel Finale'

This year’s Alltel Dirtcar Natls. has definitely been the best that I can remember in recent years. The track rescue and wrecker operations have been coordinated by my good friend and broadcast partner Billy ‘‘the kid’’ Ausburn and have performed flawlessly. A few more thank you’s have to go to my announcing team of Rick Eshelman with the WoO Late Models who’s unrivaled knowledge of dirt late model racing always provides the fans with more information than any human being can absorb. I also thank Shane Andrews for his hard work interacting with the fans throughout the first week before calling turn for turn action with the big block modifieds. Thanks to our ‘‘Babe from Barberville’’ Tonya Moschell who is willing to do whatever it takes to make this event successful. Thanks to Derrick Smith on the scoreboard and keeping the coffee coming. Thanks to Christy in the concession stand for the best sweet tea in the south and everyone from World Racing Group for the professionalism displayed. Thanks to Kari in the front office for her grace to handle anything thats been thrown at her for the past 12 days and Denise Strehle who has covered more real estate at V.S.P. selling 50/50 tickets and giving us a shot at some extra cash each night. There are obviously many more people that make the dirtcar nationals successful and I thank all of them and the greatest fans on dirt. Tonight we wrap up another grueling 2 weeks of little sleep, hard work and hustle that we cant wait to come again next year.

[SIZE=“2”]Awwww…Thank you Joe :),And we are grateful and thankful to have you!!..always keeping the fans informed and entertained,you are the best dedicated annoucer any track could ever have.The twelve days of excitement has been fun!!,After tonight we can all go home and rest up for three weeks,And look forward to being back for the 2009 season opener on march 7th :cool:…Great job well done to Tonya and all the staff at Volusia Speedway Park,You are all awsome!!! :aktion033:[/SIZE]