NCWTS Opener At Daytona

Thought some of y’all might be interested in seeing some of the shots I took of the action in Ricky’s pit last Friday night in his debut for Kevin Harvick at Daytona.

Apologize in advance for the pour quality of my ol’ point-n-shoot camera. I know y’all are used to seeing those great images from Dave, Bob, Rick, Winger, etc., etc. but those guys are way outa my league so here ya go:

Crew up on the wall ready for first fuel stop

Fuel almost in

Crash cart with Ricky’s wife, Ursula seated on right. Crew on right getting ready for Ricky to make one lap then back in for tires. (New rule in the Truck Series this year. Can’t get fuel & tires on the same stop)

Crew up on wall ready for tire stop

Crew burning off the build-up to check wear.

More Pics

More wear check.

Delana Harvick checking to see where the heck all the money is going!

Delana gets down & dirty with the tire checks.

Kyle Bush not really liking the way this interview is going

Mike Skinner laughs it up with reporters

Nice ‘behind the scenes’ pics !! :slight_smile: Can’t believe that no one has posted anything about Todd Bodine wiping out half the field…