Join the "CCMP ARMY"!!!!

The CCMP ARMY our the GREATEST “Fans in the South”. How do you enlist (join). Just go to the or and go to the e-mail part of the front page. Type in the your e-mail and that’s it!!! What is the advanage of being part of “The CCMP ARMY” it will give you special discount ticket pricing, plus the schedule of upcoming Events. Specials on at “Victory Pub” products (Pepsi, Miller, Coors, Ice House, and discount specials from the Pit Stop Concessions. Discount pricing for the Driving schools, Go Kart retails, and much more coming!!! So go to our web-site and enlist (join) in “The CCMP ARMY” TODAY!!! You will start you saving this weekend!!!
Always thinking of the CCMP supporters!!!
Bobby Diehl

The CCMP Fan Army growing by the day!

With the CCMP Fan ARMY number getting close to 1600. The future is bright at CCMP. The value of the bill boards are going up with every set of eyes at the track. Do not wait. Take advanage now, and start saving those hard earned dallors.
Hope to see you at the races.
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:

We had a GREAT WEEKEND. More join the CCMP Fan Army!!!

[SIZE=“3”]Another packed house. The CCMP Fan Army goes to over 1725 members. WOW!!! Do this work!!!
Thanks to all that believed.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]