I am proud of my son!

We just got back from the JDRF “Walk for a Cure” that took place at UCF. Chris and I are so tired from going to Lakeland twice this week for our school to watch the boys basketball team play. Oh by the way, we won state second year in a row in the class 1A division. But Chris did manage to get up this morning, put on his school shirt to show everyone we were back to back champions and said “let’s go and walk.”

Chris always tries to raise $1,000 for his walk team “Christopher’s Conquerors” and this year is no different even though the economy is not so good. So far he has raised $510 towards his goal and believes he can still do it.

If we ever get to start racing again, we will be having added to the car “Racing for a Cure” and plan to show the car off at different events to talk about juvenile diabetes. I want to get the car ready just for this even if I don’t get to go back to racing soon.

Congratulations Chris, that is a really good job. I really do wish you the best in reaching your goal this year because as your mom said, the economy is very tight right now for everyone, everywhere. It is hard doing anything these days much less donate money for a good cause but I am sure you will find a way.

Good luck and GREAT JOB SO FAR.


Just found out another $100 was donated towards Chris and his walk team “Christopher’s Conquerors”. He now has raised $610!!!