You heard it here first....Brian Finney wins the Orange Blossom 100

Yep, I got my money on #80. I predict an old fashioned race; like the way it was when it was held in S. Florida. That means Finney will not only win the race, but also the arguements in tech and the big fight at the pay window. Should be a hell of a night at OSW!

I’ll have my camera ready!!

Actually that would be really cool if Brian won. But also Rich Clouser will have his Super Late there and maybe he could win it. It would be nice to see different faces in Victory Lane. But no matter who wins, it should be a really good race.

Did you get your car ready Rex???

I saw on TV that Brian FENNY was gonna be there too.

I see Boneman finally dipped into my homebrew I gave him at the Little 500…

Yeah, I know. The Finneys are at the top of the list of all the people who would never start trouble. But I still think they are going to win the race.

Jane, last fall I had two running racecars and a spare engine. Today, after 4 months of inactivity, I have one engine and no cars that run. Now that takes planning!

Actually I have been involved in so many other things that the racing work has been running behind. I have the stuff to get one car going, but this week I had to travel for work, then I got company at the house. Oh well, next time…

Jane, he’s been too busy working on and driving a REAL racecar.

Brian ended up 6th last night. Saw Wally and he said he is ready to quit because they just can’t get the car to run right. And I understand that it sucks to throw away so much money and not have a good running car. I asked them if they would be at the Bright House next Saturday at NSS but he was not sure.

I can’t say that I took a good hard look at Finney’s car last night, but he was about mid-pack most of the day/night, but is he running a BBSS car? That’s the hot ticket for short track late super late models these days.