Do you want to get into the CCMP Late Model RACE!!!!!

[SIZE=“4”]I was just talking to Steve Dorer from RACECAR Engineering and he said that he has two KILLER Limiteds. He is giving them away $10,500.00 for the RCE #10x Brian Dorer drove last year. Add get this Joe Winchells ride #15 (blue car) that is not only a proven winner, but most laps lead, and Hardest Charger LLM in the business. And he only wants $12,500.00. With the CCMP level playing field these two STARSHIP could win the $3000.00 race this weekend. Both are ready for you. Just call Steve at RCE. [/SIZE][SIZE=“4”]I HATE GARAGE TROPHY’s[/SIZE]
[SIZE=“4”]Thanks Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]