Reminder for Late Model drivers at Ocala Speedway

Late Model drivers remember the D21 tire is supposed to punch a 48 before the races. We are going to give you 2 points leyway allowing the tire to punch a 46. We will enforce this. We are also working with Hoosier to implement a program to check the tires after the race with a minimum punch number. We are going to do 2 races of research and test the tires after the races. During the testing we will check the temprature and punch number of the tires. Once the testing is complete we will determine a minimum number after the race the tire should not go below. If the tire does go below the number we will break the tire down for further inspection. It does not mean you will be automatically disqualified however you will be subject to further inspection. If the tech man determines the tire has been softened you will be disqualified. We are making an attempt to eliminate the costs asscoiated with soaking these tires and also keep everyone on a level playing field. Thanks