Attention all Sportsman bonus someone could $2,250.00 Double Weekend at CCMP!!!!

[B][I][SIZE=“4”]We are having a BONUS for a “Double WEEKEND” 50 lap Sportsman races. One this weekend 4-4-09 and another on 4-19-09 (Sunday). We are paying $750.00 for 15 or less and $1000.00 for 16 or more for both events. Treaded tires only NO HOOSIERS, Good Year or American only. A $250.00 BONUS to the highest points between to two nights (MUST have 16 plus cars both races 4-4-09 and 4-19-09).

Break down:
4-4-09 16 plus Sportsman pays $1000.00
4-19-09 16 plus Sportsman pays 1000.00
[SIZE=“5”]Juniors Trim Shop[/SIZE] BONUS will add 250.00
Making the DOUBLE CCMP BONUS $2,250.00

Call all your Friends and for your slabs 941-575-7223. The second race you will be FEATURED as the MAIN EVENT at [SIZE=“6”]“The MONSTER and MOTORSPORTS Show”[/SIZE]. So get into see “BIG FOOT, BARE FOOT and The GRAVE DIGGER” with your pit pass. Be part of [SIZE=“7”]“The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH” [/SIZE]You be in front of thousands of NEW RACE FANS!!!
Thanks for those who believed!
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE][/I][/B]