Attention all FASTRUCK 2nd point race Touring Championship. We will have a meeting.

[SIZE=“4”]We are in the FASTRUCK’s 13th season. And there have been a couple of curves pitch at us. We will have a meeting at CCMP Victory Pubb at 4:45. Please try to be there. We have some possible news for the Series. Be sure to call in for your slabs 941-575-7223. We are up to 13 Teams thus far. Race in front of a large crowd of your fans. Bring a EASTER Basket for the "KIDS Autograph Session. Come to the GREATEST SHOW on EARTH!
Thanks for the support for all these years.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]

Can you please post the results of this meeting for those who can not be there?

No problem…

Some how the meesage got out wrong. We will post everything on Monday. We have a date a Citrus and working on a couple of other tracks. Thanks for the support.
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:

looks like his computer is ok now!:ernaehrung004: