Week Long Stay In Las Vegas Nevada--

Last month in early March, received a very bad phone call from Las Vegas, the home of my Mom and Dad, where they have lived for the past 12 years.
Dad had been taken to the hospital with an ailment, on a Friday night (he’s 81), and I kind-of panicked…
So I hatched a plan–
Printed up a Airline ticket, and hauled-butt to the airport at 4:00 in the morning, laundry finished and bags packed. Slept on the way, 5 hour trip.
Arrived in Las Vegas at 10:00 AM Sat. Cab ride to the hospital, on the third floor, opened the door to room 305, and saw my Dad on the bed, my Mom reading a book, both glanced up at me and asked, “can I help you? do you need anything?”
Not at all even noticing who I was, as this visit was non-announced, nobody knew about it, not even them, it was supposed to be a surprise visit some 3000 miles away.
They didn’t even recognize me at all, henceforth the questioning of who the hell I was, and why I was standing in their room.
It’s me, Mom and Dad, your #4 son, Roger.
Mom fainted, Dad just laughed, and I pucked.
They didn’t even recognize me at all. I wept openly (jokingly), and confronted my fears as to why my own parents wouldn’t even recognize their own son.
Laughing aside, Dad was released on Tuesday, he is all OK.
However, on Sunday, with Mr. Frasson118 help, hooked up with a Mr. Palmbayer, Mr. John Gross at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for Sunday’s NASCAR race, and all that follows.
He was there on his Raceway Slotcar Venture, as he follows the Circuit. We high-fived each other, he asked about my Dad, and I went about my stroll along the NASCAR Midway. Wow, was it extensive, and I circled the Raceway all around it for 3 hours.
(thank’s guy’s!)
Overlooked the huge Vegas DragStrip, the 3/8 mile Bullring, the 1/2 mile Dirt Track, the RoadCourses, on and on.
Parking was FREE. Took me only 45 min. to get there, and back again.