Five Flags Speedway new surface!

I have to say that I had my doubts about what the grinding of the surface at Five Flags would do, but dang what a difference! The qualifying speeds are about a half second quicker, there are two usable grooves,the tire wear is much much less, and the speeds do not drop off much at all! New tires at the Blizzard race last night made a difference, but nothing like in the past! The Snowball Derby should be very very interesting this year with the lower tire bill bringing in even more Super Latemodels! A driver can now practice several times on the same set of tires instead of having to continually change tires nearly every practice run! I truly don’t think that Five Flags should be paved now as long as the track stays as it is! the racing is fantastic, and paving the place could actually hurt the racing! I’m stoked about the rest of the year!

Florida Sealed Motor now legal at Five Flags

The Florida sealed motor that most of the Florida drivers run is now legal at Five Flags using the same rules as what the CRA series uses! Hopefully several of the top Florida guys will come up to the Panhandle this year and give it a shot!