Keith Butler wins another at CCMP!!!! What a group !!

The Checkered Flag Sprints never disappoint the fans at Charlotte County MS Park! This is about the finest bunch of people in racing. Don Rehm …WTG!
Keith Butler won AGAIN!
the pics here are of Keith , the Barfields, and their flagman Doug “The Wild Child” !!!
I adore the Barfields. They have been huge supporters (actually sponsors) of the series and in spite of just barely reaching senior status :wink: they walk up and down those blasted bleachers, all around the pits, down to the winners circle and other places. They are really amazing people in their 80’s! If i could pick parents, they would be mine! Luckily I could pick friends and i am so proud they are mine.
As for Doug (Wild Child)… he is special… Doug is one of the best flagmen around. Every year he grows his hair long and when it gets long enough, he has it cut to donate to cancer victims who have lost their hair due to chemo.
The drivers… well they are the pick of the crop…every one of them are special to me and I hope their series keeps growing and prospering. Great show guys… thanks again!!! :ernaehrung004: