Mini Stock 100 - a few photos

Mike Lawhorn won the event called just past half-way point due to time.

Jim Curry, owner of Curry Roofing, sponsored the event and made it possible.

33 cars took the green. 37 were reported in the pits.

Robbie Yoakam set fast, drew an 18 pill inverting the field 18 positions.

Clint Foley was sent to the rear early in the race and was back in the running (6th or 7th) we believe when the race was called.

Rick Sirmans running in third. Rick brought his car out of mothballs for this race after a long layoff from competition.

It was nice of Jim Curry to step up and do something for the mini-stock class.It’s too bad that because of the the tracks total mismanagement of the nights program they only got about 20 laps of green flag racing.Races scheduled to start at 5:30 and curfew at 11:00 and they still could not get
all the races in.After time trials there was 30 to 40 minute delay so they could have a drivers meeting?Out of 5 1/2 hours there was maybe 3 hours of racing.It has been one year since I have been to citrus and I doubt I will go back anytime soon.It’s too bad because they have good car counts and good racing but they waste way too much time.I know I am not the only one that feels this way because I overheard a guy on the way out telling the group he was with"now I remember why I stopped coming to this place."As for me I will just stick to dirt track racing at VSP and East Bay,not saying these tracks are perfect but they do have some organization to their shows.I have been going to races for over 40 years up and down the east coast but last night was one to forget.Sorry I did not get to see the thunderstocks race.