Great win MARK MARTIN…

Just imagine that… 55 years old and he showed them youngin’s how to do it…

Hey, didn’t he retire a few years ago…lol

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The best part of the night was when you heard Martin say “no burnout” on his radio. It made me think back to when guys like Petty, Allison, Yarborough, Waltrip would win, they would go to victory lane without acting like a damn fool on the frontstretch at the start/finish line. If it’s your first win, I’ll let it slide but if it’s your 9th win of the year just go to victory lane and don’t act an idiot who’s never won before.

Victory Lap

In the old days it was great to see the winner take the checker flag for a victory lap. It’s still done at Bronson Speedway and well recieved by the fans.

I couldn’t agree more with this analogy.

I always thought burn-outs were juvenile and immature. Just another demonstration that the drivers of the day has no f’n clue what it took back when the drivers of old had to bust their a$$ underneath the thing all week long then climb into it on the weekend and make it happen.

Just my .02. :sport009:

I agree about the burnouts, seems like showboatin to me. By the way, Marks only 50. He wont be a 55 year old winner until 2014.

i really glad mark martin won

and i’m not kyle bush fan but if nascar had not have sent him to the rear for speeding off pit road when he came out behind mark martin would martin have won

i wish kenny scrader had not ran out of gas sunday at rockingham after leading all day he sure needs a win