CCMP Circus!

Folks don’t make fun of our circus. We didn’t have as big a crowd today but it was decent. We had 2 classes and both were really good features. The thunder trucks ran with the Road warriors, but a thunder Truck won the race. Go figure.
They scored them separately so the top Road warrior was Dean Butrum in his #32. Th sportsman race saw Wayne Morris in the winners circle. His car looked bad. Him and Steve Gainey in the #79x got together in a spectacular crash in turn 1. Steve got airborne taking the right side sheet metal off Wayne s car. Well it didn’t take it off but it destroyed it. The 2nd place Arron Williamson said he thought he was faster but he wasn’t sure his tetanus shot was up to date and He was afraid something would come off and hit him. Bobby and Gary are making it work. If you call it a circus that’s OK our circus is working. We ain’t perfect but the only perfect one they hung on the cross. Bob…

Once again we meet a group of new Stock Car Fans!!!

[SIZE=“4”]For a HOT Sunday Afternoon it was pretty good crowd. They were a different group than the Fan Base that is normally at CCMP. But they fell in love with the action. Aaron Williams won the Juniors Auto Trim Shop’s $250.00 BONUS for the high points for the two weekends. 4-4-09 and 4-19-09. Roger Welch was the Team that were tied. We had two go to qualifying points for the tie breaker. Aaron won by 2 points. Get ready for another edition of [SIZE=“6”]“THE GREATEST SHOW on EARTH”[/SIZE] This weekend line up:
April 25, 2009
Camper World Night
Late Models 100 Laps
Fast Trucks 50
Fast Kids 35 Laps
Road Warriors
Thunder Trucks
Pro 4
Fab 4
TQ Midgets
Hope to see you there.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024: