A post about CCMP and what kind of people we truly are???

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A lot of Great stories this weekend, But this one…
sunshinestateracing1 April 20, 2009, 1:33am

[SIZE=“3”]" There were a lot of great stories this weekend, but I think this one is a very touching story, and just shows how everyone at CCMP makes a difference, and I mean everyone Drivers, Staff, Fans. And this time I think we were all touched in return. The story I am talking about is about the littel motor cross boy that was at the Monster truck VIP party Saturday night. Griffin Davidson. His Bio and more info is attached below, but this kids is incredible. After all he has been though, all he can think about is that is only 6 more weeks untill he can get back on his bike and compete agian. Seeing him in his wheel chair last night and knowing he has the drive to in six more weeks overcome all he has been though gives me the strength to know that all is possibel if I just set my mind to it. He was so excited as well to be a guest of CCMP and I am sure he know a fan and I am sure we will see him out often. I am going to attach a pic of him in the infeild last night so all can see this incredibel young kid, and I hope that maybe he touch or motivated some of you in some way as he did me.
RE: Griffin Davidson
Griffin is 7 years old and is in advanced 1st grade at Glenallen Elementary School in North Port. He is on the A honor roll.
Griffin is very determined and dedicated to his racing. He has always raced with the #8 but wants #T166 now instead because that was his trauma # when he was air lifted out of the Dade City MX track on March 14th. He was running 3rd at the time of the accident. Griffin suffered 3 fractures in his right femur and 2 fractures in his left femur. He will be in a wheel chair for 6-8 weeks but already wants to get back on his bike and start racing again. His surgeon has told him that he can race again in 3 months and will be back at Dade City in mid June. LOOK OUT!!
Griffin races at Dade City MX, Sunshine MX and Bartow MX tracks. He had big dreams of going to Loretta Lynn?s to race for the National Championship in his first full season but his injury is not going to let him. Look for him to be there battling for the National Championship in 2010 though.

2008 Season 50cc Polini
10 races his 1st year (3 months) 7 top 5?s
4th for Summer Series Points

Race Results August ?08 ? November ?08
1 -1st Place Finish
2 ? 2nd Place Finish (1 was at Stellar Fall Classic)
1 ? 3rd Place Finish
2 ? 4th Place Finish
1 ? 5th Place Finish
1 ? 6th Place Finish
2 ? 8th Place Finish

2009 Season
1st Place Finish at Bartow on 60cc Suzuki RMZ60
2nd Place Finish on 50cc Polini 50

March 14th Dade City Motocross ? Injured on 60cc Suzuki RMZ
carolwicks April 20, 2009, 3:23am

Looks like you guys made his night special. thats whats so great about the people at CCMP… everyone has a story… some without as much hope…so lets always be aware of how lucky we are and how much our help is needed.
carol aka OZ

Mrs23RW April 20, 2009, 3:02pm

To Robert, All the Fans, the Drivers and the Staff of CCMP,
Thank you all for everything that you did for Griffin Davidson and his family Saturday night!
Jeff and Margie Rumbold

[SIZE=“4”]Remember when your gone the inportant thing is not what you have, but rather what you have given to others that counts.

Thanks to those who know and support us at CCMP. The rest just do not know us.
Bobby Diehl
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