Drivers Needed to Test Tires

Sometime in May we are going to be testing 10" treaded tires on Late Models at Citrus County Speedway. There are some other tracks running these tires and having great success. We’re hearing of cars running 3-plus nights on a set of tires. Not just back markers either. At one track in particular, the points champion last year ran 20 races, and recorded the most wins, only buying 12 tires all season. As a Late Model owner/driver I know the biggest killer is tire expense.
Citrus has already put their modifieds on this tire and the car count has grown to over 20 the last two points races. It has put a premium on set-ups and driver ability, not horsepower.

The exact date is yet to be determined, but it will be completely open to the public and we invite everyone that wants to watch, to please come out and do so. We would like two teams. Idealy the teams will have a good set of used goodyears slicks. We will run a 10 lap session on them to establish a base line for that car and driver. We will then bolt on the treaded tires and see how the car reacts and what the driver feed back is like. All lap times, tire temps, and and adjustments for camber will be posted for all to see.

If you have a team and are interested in participating in the test please email me:

you said citrus

hadall ready put the open wheel modifieds on the 10 inch threaded tires you mean eight inch , yeah put them on ten inch