What and where, best races this weekend?

Looking to spectate this weekend (Saturday) with a couple of friends and wanting to know what is going on around the state.

This is what I have found so far for May 2:

Volusia - Closed

Ocala - Monster Jam (also on Friday and Sunday)

Citrus - Super Late Models

East Bay - $500 to win Street Stocks, Sprints, Late Models, Outlaw 4’s, Modifieds, Dirt Daubers

New Smyrna - Late Models, Sportsman, Super Stock, Strictly Stock

Auburndale - Grand Slam of Trucks

Putnam County - Regular Show

Bronson - Sportsman, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, Hornets

Columbia Motorsports Park - Late Models, Sportsman, Pure Stock, V-8 Bombers, Hornets

Desoto Super Speedway - Bombers, Pure Stock, Street Stocks, Magic 4’s, Legends, Flyin 4’

Charlotte - Checkered Flag Sprints, 50 lap Modified, Outlaw Street Stocks, 50 lap Sportsman, Road Warriors, Mini Stock, and CCMP Street Stocks

North Florida Speedway - United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series, Pure Stock, BOX:ernaehrung004:

Add to NSS this weekend…
-Kid’s Bike Races and Bike Giveaways
-the Ker’s Winghouse Girls
-Wing Eating Contest [during intermission]
-Plus some great Prizes and Giveaways throughout the night!

Wow - Jane

I like that format… wish someone (hehe) could do that on a weekly basis and have it out no later than Wed.

One quick look and people can see what’s happening and where.

Simple and to the point without all the frosting and jimmies (no extra LALA crap).

Thanks to Jane for putting that together.

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Yes Jane, very well done. :ernaehrung004:

I think im going to NSS

The winghouse girls is the main event at NSS ?

Jane’s report will never work. Not enough bright letter’s or bouncing emoticons!!!:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024::sport009::ernaehrung004:

It wont work because it proves that tracks really can work together.

Thank you for putting it together. I havent had the time to look at every tracks website to see what is going on.

It wont work because it proves that tracks really can work together. See, instead of Volusia having monster trucks too, they close.

Thank you Jane for putting it together. I havent had the time to look at every tracks website to see what is going on.

No problem guys, someone asked an honest question and I gave him an honest answer. Glad it helped.


Hey Jane…

"What and where, best races the following weekend?

(Just asked like the last person did).

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I told Jack tonight that I would try and do this every week as long as I have the time. And of course he liked the idea too. So I will try.

Jane, If You Need Help

Just give a call . . . . . .

(to Ocala Jimbo or Winger, am sure they would love to help)

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Okay guys, I have started collecting what I need at least thru the end of May. I will post it each week under WHAT’S HAPPENING THIS WEEK on the message board. If a schedule changes and someone has something to add to a schedule, feel free to do so. But I will try.

Have a great weekend wherever you go


Excellent!! Thank you Jane.

You know me, if I can help someone, I will help someone. That is if I can and in this case, I can help.

Have a great weekend wherever and whatever you do.


Hey I have the answer for next weekend PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!:huepfen024:

Monroe Motor Speedway SUPR Dirt Late Models :slight_smile:

From everything I have read Rusty, your race should be a good one. Dirt Late Models on concrete, going to be fun. Wish I could be there but Volusia is racing next weekend so I can’t. If it had been this weekend, well, maybe I could have but I will make it for at least one show I hope this year.

Have a great night tomorrow night Rusty. We do miss you even if there is a bounty on you for $1.00. I know alot of people would pay the $1.00 just to see your smiling face again.:sport009: