Attention all FASTRUCK Teams.

[SIZE=“3”]There is a 4 race State Championship. The races will be at Auburndale, Desoto, Citrus, and Bronson. I got called on Sunday (one of track owners) and they were told that we were not allowing our trucks to race in this series (they heard a negative rumor, a lie). Yes, we (CCMP and FASTRUCK) were left out for whatever reason. We want everyone to know that we are a “Pro Touring Series” with a Nationally known history and that we know in these times that not all the trucks can tour. Two of the four races are being used as FASTRUCK Pro Touring Series races. Citrus, and Bronson are the last two of the State Championship. Your FASTRUCK points will be scored with in the finishing order as per the Teams of FASTRUCK. Auburndale is just to short of notice. And it also would mean for the FASTRUCK Teams would be racing 4 weeks straight with Desoto. So that’s too much. If the powers to be who set this up would of asked. We would have of been able to possible make them aware of our schedule (I am sure it was an oversight). It may of made them have another 15 or so trucks in their Total Championship. But with that said. [SIZE=“5”]There is NO RESAON for the Teams NOT to go. SO GO FOR THE $$$$$$MONEY$$$$$$.[/SIZE] They said (as per Ronnie) that if 20+ truck show up it pays $!,000.00 with a $100.00 entry. Friday night practice (not sure of the cost) but, camping is free. Both Ronnie and I feel that truck racing is needed across Florida for the [SIZE=“4”]FASTRUCK Pro Touring Series [/SIZE]to get back to its hay days. So GO for the [SIZE=“6”]$$$$$.[/SIZE] If they get 20+ you could win [SIZE=“6”]$1000.00.[/SIZE] Auburndale is this weekend. Be safe and careful. But GO if you want.
Bobby [SIZE=“6”]“THE Flying Ring Master”[/SIZE] Diehl [/SIZE]