Rcae Report 4-25-09 @ CCMP ( TQ Midgets)

We started the night out with 6 cars in the pits. The cars of Styner and Elder were still missing. Unfortunately, the #26 of Ted Durfee had motor issues again in warm-ups.

In the heat race, it was #6 Jay Stutz and #17 Ray Smith on the front row.Stutz would jump to the early lead. Smith spun coming out of four to take the white flag. The restart had Stutz, Barnum and Duffy lined up nose to tail. Stutz would jump to the lead again, but Barnum would sneak by at the finish line for the win.

Feature time came and it was Stutz and Smith on the front row again. Smith would jump the start and Belusar would take command early with Barnum right on his tail tank. Ray Smith was running third with Jack Duffy and Jay Stutz closing in.Barnum would try to sneak by Belusar going into one. Belusar held his postion as the battle for third would heat up between Duffy and Smith. Duffy would take over third as Belusar and Barnum would battle nose-to-tail for the lead. Barnum tried high and low to find a way around Belusar. As the closing laps came, Belusar and Barnum would not give-up. As the leaders battled…Duffy and Smith caught up and at times made it three wide. Duffy would find a way around Barnum for the runner-up spot. As they came at of turn four for the checkered flag, Belusar would spin and Duffy and Barnum would shoot by. Belusar was able to cross the finish line side-ways for third. Congrats to Jack Duffy on his second win of the season.


  1. Jack Duffy
  2. Jamie Barnum
  3. Mike Belusar
  4. Ray Smith
  5. Jay Stutz
  6. Ted Durfee DNS