Joslin Memorial Race June 19th - Not a Speedworld Points race !

Butch and I have talked and we believe the fairest thing to do on this event, as it was added and we are trying something a little different is to not make it a points event for Speedworld’s regular Modifieds. This will allow guys to race the other teams coming and not worry about points for that night !

We hope everyone will come and race and make this a great event. We know not everyone will like the tires, etc. But it is a bigger race that honors a couple guys who loved racing and wanted to see great competition. And we are going to do all we can to make it fun !!!


go to website for lap sponsor sales, if you want a lap call Kim at Fascar office or myself at 407-497-0448


This reminder is on the speedworld website now as well !

Just so you know, thanks