Attention all FASTRUCK's and Desoto ,and FASCAR Pro Trucks! Schedule adjustment!!!!

[SIZE=“4”]We looked at the Schedule and did not want to conflict with the others tracks. So we have moved the [SIZE=“5”]FASTRUCK Pro Touring [/SIZE]on 5-30-09 ahead to 5-23-09 weekend. This will allow those Teams from the other tracks race in the Fourth leg of the [SIZE=“5”]FASTRUCK Pro Touring Series [/SIZE]race. [SIZE=“6”]$1000.00 to Win [/SIZE]if there is 20 trucks (same as the Fla. Challenge races). So check your schedule and come to [SIZE=“5”]“Miller Lite’s. It doesn’t Get any better than this”! [/SIZE][SIZE=“5”]FASTRUCK Pro Touring [/SIZE]race. Also we moved the [SIZE=“6”]“KOJACK’s Rib Feast” [/SIZE]the 6-13-09. On June 14th will be [SIZE=“6”]CCMP’s NASCAR Day at KOJACK’s[/SIZE]. Keep you posted on the times and location.
Thanks for the SUPPORT!!!
Bobby [SIZE=“6”]“The BIG TOP”[/SIZE] Diehl [/SIZE]

Sorry Bobby but I just had to fix a few errors in spelling. Hope you don’t mind.

Thanks Miss Jane!!!

You can fix me any time. I know the unsayers will thank you as well.

Now theres a novel Idea!

Bobby send Jane your post and her correct the smelling and they all should be happy! Bob…


he said correct the smelling…hee-hee

We have 13 trucks so far!!!

[SIZE=“4”]It is still early,but we are at 13 trucks, 13 road Warrior. And there are just a few slabs left. Call 941-575-7223.
Bobby [SIZE=“6”]“The BIG TOP” [/SIZE]Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::sport009::ernaehrung004::huepfen024: