Against NASCAR and Mothers Day another GREAT weekend at CCMP.

You know you always seem to have something that is going on every weekend. If it’s not NASCAR it’s Mothers Day. Or Super Bowl, World Series, Monster Trucks, Friday Night High School Football (don’t know what that has to do with anything when we race Saturdays), Hunting Season, etc… All I can say is thanks to the Staff that works so hard, the Teams that come out an puts on the show and the FANS who support us. We are surely blessed. Again 13 weeks striaght we had packed house ((full Grand Stands)), 101 plus (two weekend just under) teams in the pits. This weekend “GSoE” looks to be another weekend. Looking at the boards , Cirtus had 22 + Open Wheels, Desoto had 23+ Late Models, and so on. Everyone keep on digging and we make it though these tuff times.
Thanks and good luck on this weekend to all!!!
Bobby “the BIG TOP” Diehl

now that was a fine post

i don’t care what any body says i like it …