It's 3:00 PM weather looks good for CCMP!!!

[SIZE=“5”]The pits are packed with every slab called for. The weather is looking good. Hope to see everyone here tonight.
We will keep you posted!!!
CCMP Staff[/SIZE]:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024::ernaehrung004:

i can vouce for that all slabs were sold out

even the sold out slabs were sold out hahahahahahahaha:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024: but bobby he’ill put you on top of pit tec scale shed i’ll bet you if ten more cars had of came he would have put them on top of hill or down in swamps

thanks bobby that after all was great parking spot two feet from from bath room two foot from tec shed two feet from scales ten feet froom stands six feet from food

buddy you know how to treat a guy thanks easy place to get in out we ought to put reserved neon sign reserved for me even police don’t have far to walk to get me in case they need to talk to me hahahaha:huepfen024::huepfen024:

As alway the most important part of the Show in the Performers!!!

[SIZE=“4”]The [SIZE=“5”]Performers[/SIZE] who are you the Race Teams and that’s what makes the Fans come. We have been working on another strip of asphalt 30’x200’ which equates to another 20 slabs. Making us have about 130+ slabs. Sorry Ron about having to move you. You had called a week before. With having over 124+ Teams on hand. The Touring Series groups wanting to be parked together. Every thing was fine, but then I forgot a group of 18 cars (I did not want to just put in the dirt). We needed to make some adjustments. Thanks for working with us I felt petty dumb for not catching my mistake. We will keep working on getting better. Sorry for the threat of rain. I can’t STOP it or WALK on it. And the Fans that did not want to take a chance on the weather missed a lot of hard racing. Again thanks for being a [SIZE=“5”]Performer[/SIZE]. Without you there is no [SIZE=“5”]SHOW[/SIZE] in [SIZE=“5”]“The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH”[/SIZE]!!!
Bobby [SIZE=“5”]“The Parking Attendant Guy” [/SIZE]Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::ernaehrung004::sport009::huepfen024: