Anyone here bet on the big time races?

I’m just curious.

I usually go all out this weekend placing bets on Bodog’s SportsBook website and bet on the Indy 500, Monaco Grand Prix and the NA$CAR race.

How could I not place money on David Reutimann at 70:1 odds? I didn’t even put much on him, but if he pulls through, I’ll be a realllll happy guy. I even bet $1 a piece on Juan Pablo Montoya and A.J. Allmendinger at 100:1 simply because they are racing at the wrong track on Sunday.

I also like Graham Rahal at 16:1 at the Indy 500. Though my safe bet is Dario Franchitti, I also spread some money around on Paul Tracy, Will Power and Mario Moraes.

Myself, not Auto races, but alot of Horse Tracks at sportsbooks. Here and out in Las Vegas, really enjoyed a day at Santa Anita in California last month.

But like anything else, the long shot is the way I always go; the payoff, if it hits, is big. The sure-bet winner, low odds, won’t pay anything.

thats a good choice with rootaman
he was god at texas
he just needs a lil luck

Whos your pick at Monaco ?

Tripper go to They have matchups and what not for the 500.

Some of those SportsBook odds are better than Bodog, so I might have to throw some more money in there. Particularly on Will Power to win at Indy as there is history with back-up Penske drivers stealing the race.

It’s hard to get good odds on the Monaco Grand Prix. I went with Mark Webber, Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock to win, based on Toyota’s early season performance and Jarno Trulli’s only win coming at Monaco. And in practice Toyotoa promptly turned in the slowest times of all cars - so that shows what I know. But I do like the Kimi Raikkonen odds on Sportsbook, I’ll probably take that bet. The Brawns are probably a lock to win, but the odds suck and I just can’t bring myself to put money on Lewis Hamilton for McLaren.

Those Indy 500 driver vs. driver bets on both sites are just dumb. Bet $20 to win $19.50? Why bother…

Gotta go with Dario or Helio at Indy , maybe Dixon . I like Alonso for Monaco , but qualifying is everything there . The 600 , certainly could be Stewart - Haas .

At MONTE CARLO ya gotta like the new king, Jenson Button in the 22 Brawn GP . At INDY go with Briscoe and for the WORLD @ Charlotte, who cares ?

Oh hell yes!

My main man David Reutimann comes through for his first win at 70:1 odds. Back up the money truck at my house! WHOO HOO!


tripper making the big bucks

First and foremost I put money on David because his family has been super nice to mine over the years and after my father passed away a few years ago I received a condolences card that was personally signed by David, Buzzie and Wayne Sr. And Buzzie had offered to come over (about a 2.5 hour drive one way) and spend time with my dad when they gave him two weeks to live. So the Reutimanns always have a special place in my heart and I’ve always cheered on David even when we were racing against him back in the NA$CAR Slim Jim All Pro days. A finer group of people you will never meet in your life.

So it’s only fitting that David’s win just paid for my family to spend a week in the Georgia mountains in August. :ernaehrung004:

and to make up for what was lost the other races.

Yea and if he bet on Moraes in the 500 then he lost a lot!:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024: