Blizzard Entries?

Hey Snowball…

Are they running tonight? If so, hoo b dare?

I am re-upping my tickets to the derby today…

Well, in answer to my own post, speed51 has their trackside now going and if the picture on the front page is an indication, David Rogers is there, so I will likely listen in online tonight.

I didnt see a rundown on the entries yet though.

I’m heading out now. The only good racing going on this weekend !


Hey! Sorry! I just now saw this post! What an awesome race it was! I hated it for David Rogers! He was coming through the pack when he was involved in the incident.

Wtg Bubba Pollard !!

i wish i had a plane so i could go to all these great races. glad to see you win Bubba! been a long time and may not ever get to watch you race again since USA is gone. so i wish you fun safe races and God bless !
carolwicks aka OZ